Scraperite blades have been developed using various engineered materials to meet an ever broadening range of use cases defined by our customers. Each blade could potentially be used on any surface, however, the solvents or chemicals used to clean the unwanted substance may destroy the blade or the underlying surface. The range of blade options ensures the right selection to match the surface being cleaned with the solvent used to remove the unwanted substance. 

All blades are non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-corrosive, or oxidizing and non-sparking. Some low level static electricity can build up in certain situations, it is recommended to use proper precautions and perform independent testing before handling, and using the blades on sensitive electronics like avionics or circuit boards. They are generally accepted for use in the oil and gas industry, all while maintaining industry and jobsite safety guidelines. Galvanic corrosion is also of low concern if blades are replaced before each use on dissimilar metals or surfaces.

Scraperite blades are scraper blades used for targeted scraping and cleaning on soft surfaces where metal blades or scrubbing pads would damage the underlying surface. They offer added safety by reducing risk of injury by laceration and risk of property damage. Combined with the curved blade, it becomes our safest scraper combination yet. The curved blade allows the user to create a rotating or circular motion with the wrist to more easily lift stickers off.

Blades naturally lift dirt up and away without picking up germs and can be easily wiped with a disposable cloth after each stroke, unlike scrubbing pads and sponges that collect dirt with every pass.


Available compositions

This original patented double-edged design is best for corner access and straight line scraping. It is the workhorse of the line, the blade series that helped build the brand and remains a key tool in many applications. 

Corners of the blade protrude quite significantly when used with the Tradesman series holder providing great corner access and reach into recessed areas like the inside corners of window frames. Blade fits Lil'Gripper, BigGripper, Tradesman Series Holders and many standard metal No.9 and No.12 blade safety holders. Right angled corners could cause injury with certain blade types.

The Standard Rectangle blade is made in all compositions. Available packaging and item codes are listed on the Blade Packaging page.



Available compositions

The ultimate safety scraper

Increases several safety factors by virtually eliminating sharp corners. This is the ideal safety scraper for any application and would probably be a buyer's first choice, unless sharp corners are required for the job. This blade only fits Tradesman Series Holders.

Perfect for use on concave surfaces or where rotating action is most effective. By using a rotating action with the wrist, the user can successfully lift stickers, grime, and dirt easily with targeted accuracy. Using the flexibility of the blade, the width of the blade touching the surface can be controlled by varying the pressure. This feature gives more accurate control of coverage on every stroke.

This blade is not made in the Yellow HYL compound, the material is too brittle and blades break too easily. We are working to develop new engineered materials to offer a rigid blade with similar hardness. The curved is more rigid than the rectangle blade by design and one of the current materials may achieve similar results. It is recommended buyers test the new blades to determine effectiveness while we remain open to feedback and wish list.

 4 inch/10 cm WIDE 

Available compositions

With 10 centimeter (4 inch) reach, this blade offers nearly 3 times the coverage area per stroke as our other blades. It is also nearly twice as thick as the standard original blade to achieve faster workflow with safe effective performance. The thickness makes the blade tougher, able to withstand repeated use and cover wide areas before requiring replacement.

Customer feedback tells us this blade is used to remove vinyl letters and residue from large surfaces in the sign making industry. Buyers in the plastic paint protection film business use it to prepare a surface and when replacement is required, often on RVs, buses, and other large surfaces.

This blade is also extensively used in the marine sector to clean directly on gelcoat, fiberglass, stainless steel, plastics, and other surfaces. It is extremely effective at removing barnacles on vessels. Far more effective than scrubbing pads by targeting the marine life at the surface of the vessel and lifting it up and away from the surface. The softer material ensures less risk of damage to antifouling paint and fittings as compared to metal scrapers. Paired with the W4 holder, the tool floats!

The Yellow HYL material is not provided in this material as a standard product. An alternate compound is in development.

See Blade Compositions page 

This blade was used in the barnacle removal video, it did most of the work and was never flipped.