SCRAPERITE  was born in South Florida USA in late 2003 and products launched in early 2004 after patents were issued. Plastic razor blades were an afterthought solution to an unexpected situation created when the auto industry introduced interior surface plastic coated windshields used to reduce glare. One or two, largely useless versions, were made available in the automotive sector as the industry struggled to patch a growing warranty problem of scratched coatings damaged during regular cleaning as people scrubbed with rags and towels. 

The development of Scraperite came along during the late 1990's as the founder sought a safer cleaning tool for use in the glass coating and tinting industry where accidentally scratching glass, cutting a sofa, or personal injury proved quite costly. The first iteration was a single edged version to test concept and provide an immediate solution for that service business where scraping the surface of glass with a metal scraper was common practice. Reality is, most situations do not require a metal scraper. A double edged version was developed and patented a few years later as people from all types of industries began asking for the product.

Current product lineup demonstrates the summation of improvements gathered from customer feedback and extensive experience in development of the brand.

We hope our products serve you well. 

To develop and distribute a safe appropriate scraping tool to serve most any situation with focus on leading standards of quality and performance. 

Scraperite is the most innovative consumable product to hit the professional trade and consumer markets in decades. Patented as a solution for safe scraping on delicate surfaces, it serves as an ideal tool for manufacturing and maintenance applications ranging from aircraft manufacturing to general consumer use.

End users include large manufacturers focused on eliminating sharp devices in their workflows and workspaces, driven by rising insurance costs and general safety awareness. Metal scrapers and blades come with increased risk of property damage and personal injury by laceration.

Scraperite created the category in 2004 with patented and patent pending products making up a growing lineup of engineered scrapers. These are made using a variety of material compositions to offer a targeted scraping solution for most any situation by allowing the user to match the right blade to remove a substance from a delicate surface while resisting to chemical solvents being used.








Antique Restoration
Building Materials
Car Wash Vending
Detailing - Auto, Aircraft, Yacht
Furniture Restoration
General Merchandise
Glass and Coating
High Technology
Office Supply
Oil, Gas and Mining
Paint and Body
Pool and Spa
Restaurant and Hospitality
School and Art Supply
Sign making
Tool Rental
Truck/Bus Maintenance
Yacht Chandlery

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