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Scraperite New combination pack ready for delivery. Fully recyclable packaging, meeting all strictest European standards.

Scraperite and Permatex worked together to launch the co-branded the Safer Scraper line in 2009, adding periodic improvements to the product to increase customer value. Distribution has now expanded into partnerships with AutoZone and Advance Auto, with more outlets rolling out.


Blake at Michael Rybovich and Sons boat builders says "Scraperite blades have been a great addition to the paint department. Preventing damage when cleaning up at the a job is always key, they've been a huge help in gently and quickly cleaning up tape and residue to ensure best final results". Thanks Blake!

The new Scraperite Tradesman series handles float so they won't seep into the dark abyss of the wash bucket, making the scrapers easy to grab to get rid of tar and grime on rocker panels or blasting across a front grill assembly scraping bugs. The new CurveyTM curved blade is a fantastic new addition to the lineup and kicks up the safety level one more notch by reducing risk of injury even further. Just as importantly, the curved blade enhances a rotating motion of the hand to more easily lift old stickers and glue residue from painted surfaces and glass. It's also ideal on interior surfaces like leather seats to gently lift and remove dried food or candy.

This feature was added in an effort for buyers to find Scraperite products more locally and immediately. It's a nice concept to buy online and get it delivered but sometimes you need a product like this now, not tomorrow. This ran on social media platforms during the latter part of 2020 and into 2021.  Scraperite puts focus into building its reseller network around the world. Resellers are encouraged to check the page to make sure their listing is accurate and provide any updates.