Users should always consider some basic details when selecting a safety product for commercial use for production applications and use in professional trades. Branded products ensure the same product will be delivered each order, without leaving to question performance qualities.

One important consideration with plastic scraper blades is material composition. While it's not the only baseline, it should be reviewed carefully before selecting a supplier. Scraperite ensures consistent product quality and purity of material to reduce risk of damaging the underlying surface while maintaining longest edge lifespan and resistance to breakage. Four different recyclable materials provide a scraping solution for just about every surface-substance-solvent combination imaginable. If we don't have it, let us work with your team to develop it. A tremendous amount of research and development goes in to every product from material composition to design and function. All to create the most effective professional safety scraping tool on the market, developed from our years of experience and customer feedback. Month of detailed thinking goes into each detail of a product from idea through to final packaging design.

Testing new materials New packaging concepts Developing ideas


Trial and error

Refining size, style, and features

It didn't just happen overnight and work continues to refine the details of everything from product ideas to smart packaging, to meet the need of our customers across various industries and work tasks. Scraperite brings smart innovation to a simple product, keeping copycats doing what they do.

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