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Old sticker removal from auto paint can be very challenging, even for a professional. Scraperite plastic scrapers are designed to help make this kind of job easier and safer. Blades naturally draw themselves to the paint as forward motion is applied with a little downward pressure, getting under the sticker and glue to lift it up and away from the surface. Using a few old tricks, the job can be done without any chemicals. This vehicle owner attempted this with a metal razor blade and gouged the paint. This job took the better part of an hour to get done, so patience is part of it.

Basic tools:

  1. Good 1600 watt or so hair dryer or a heat gun does the job well. None needed in a hot sunny climate.
  2. Household dish soap – bubbles add air between the bag and sticker for better steaming
  3. Scraperite plastic scrapers in GPO Orange or MBL Blue reduce the risk of scratching the clear coat
  4. Black trash bag
  5. Oh, and water


Cut the trash bag to size, add a few drops of dish soap and wash it gently with your hands to coat it with soapy water. Apply it over the sticker and around the area, wiping it down and across to remove bigger air bubbles. The bubbles help add air space between the bag and the sticker to help create a steaming effect. Start heating the bag to get it hot to the touch and maintain that temperature. If the car is in a sunny environment, the car can be parked in an exposed area and no added heat might be needed. We used to do this in Florida, just leave the car in the sun an hour. When it’s right, you can smell the old stinky glue. With enough patience, no chemicals are needed though sticker adhesives are acrylic and will break down easily with chemicals like acetone. But you still have to get the sticker off first otherwise chemicals don’t work so well because the glue is protected by the sticker surface which is probably made of plastic. Scrape as aggressively as needed considering the surface and angle testing short strokes. If it’s gotten soft enough, it should come up like soft butter. Chemicals like acetone will turn the adhesive to a clear-ish lumpy gooey mush that will scrape away even easier. Drawback is acetone (nail polish remover) evaporates quickly. Other degreasers or orange and lemon peel based detergents also work but may damage the surface. Scraperite plastic scrapers are designed not to damage the surface of the car when used with solvent, soapy water, or other slip agent like waxes and oils.

Scraperite blade Selection=Substance+Solvent+Surface for predictable performance every time.

A few use examples

Service Carts  Stovetops  Glass
Teak Sealant Remover Book Labels

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