SCRAPERITE  is a safety scraper designed for use where a metal scraper would damage the underlying surface. Scraperite is also the only branded plastic scraper on the market with a business focus on creating quality purpose built product with consistent predictable performance.

Thinking about it, most situations do not require a metal blade or scraper in the first place. Wood furniture and flooring, aluminum window frames, glass, auto paint, gelcoat and fiberglass, stainless steel, and chrome are all surfaces that could be scratched and damaged when using metal scrapers or scrubbing pads. Unlike scrubbing pads and rags, Scraperite blades lift unwanted substances up and away from the surface being cleaned. The blade can be easily wiped after each stroke with a disposable towel and reused until the edge wears or gets damaged before being flipped or replaced. Germs and dirt get thrown away with the blade and towel not caught between the fibers of a scouring pad.

Scraperite also offers targeted scraping versus impacting the area around the substance being removed.

Scraperite assortment of blades ensure the right tool for the job when considering substance being cleaned, the surface, and solvent used.


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