One Product, Endless Possibilities

We know that there’s no possible way to limit the use of our Scraperite blades. Instead, we want to know about how diverse our product is, and we need your help to find out!

Tell us more about your experience using Scraperite, and we’ll return the favor by sending you some free stuff of your choice! We want to learn some of the best and unique uses of our product, and what better way to find out from the experts – you!? You have Scraperite in your hand; now let’s see what you can do! 



Use your phone to send us photo or video ( min 10 sec. - max 3 min.) must include scraper in use.

Upon receiving your content, our team will assemble and showcase the submissions on our websites and social media. Be sure to follow us and don’t miss out! To upload your file click button below.


As a big “Thank You” from us, we’ll offer you a free product of your choice when we receive your submission. We can’t wait to find out more about you and our products!