It just makes sense!

No more scrubbing! Targeted scraping gets the job done quicker, easier, and without risk of damage. From car care to car maintenance, from the glove box to the tool box, Scraperite is perfect for use in and around the automobile. An ideal tool for work in wet, oily, greasy environments, it lifts dirt up and away from the surface quickly and directly. Unlike natural and synthetic towels, double sided blades can be easily wiped clean and used repeatedly. See our YouTube and Videos pages to see how it works.

Because Scraperite blades are designed to be used and disposed, their consumption creates ongoing recurring sales revenue and single digit customer acquisition cost over the lifetime. Reseller opportunities extend into several sales and distribution channels including retail and wholesale varying in size by country or region. Most distributors benefit from a first-to-market opportunity with the brand.

Total accessible market will vary by region but a quick calculation can be made by taking a percentage of registered vehicles in that region, since Scraperite is both a professional tool and a glove box grab item. Products are also typically non-seasonal, generating year-round sales.

Scraperite brand blades ensure consistency of quality and predictable performance, there is never a risk of getting something different on the next order. Ongoing innovation and expanding product line keeps the brand consistently ahead of copycat followers.


General Purpose Orange (GPO) Medium Blue (MBL)

Both MBL and GPO material compositions are primarily recommended for the automotive market with various packaging options available for each blade type. These two compounds are selected for their pliability and hardness along with chemical resistance characteristics for solvent typically used in, on, and around automobiles. See the Blades section of this site for more detail on blade compositions and other options.

In short, the GPO blades tend to be more forgiving, generally softer and offer low risk of damaging much of anything. They are ideal for use by automobile owners who need something quick and handy to scrape dead bugs when cleaning the windshield at the gas station or cleaning up rocker panels at self-serve the car wash on the weekend.

The MBL blades are tougher and last longer but need to be used with a bit more caution to avoid accidental scratching. These blades are more suitable for professionals in the car care industry like detail shops and full service car washes where users are performing professional tasks. Aside from chemical resistance, this blade is virtually indestructible though the edge will wear depending on aggressiveness of use. Ideal as well for use on engine blocks for gasket removal and for cleaning up metal to rubber hose fittings under the hood.

Toyota transmission warranty center in Jacksonville, FL uses Scraperite blades to remove RTV and other sealants during inspection and reassembly. They are also endorsed by MBUSA and used in mechanics training.


Regional Retail

  • Full Service Car Wash Retail
  • DIY Retail Auto Centers
  • Detailing Trade Supply
  • Auctions and Car Dealers
  • Service Stations and Convenience Stores


  • Self Serve Car Wash Vending Machines
  • Truck Vending


  • B2C and B2B

White label/OEM

  • Regional and National volume buyer
  • Brand owners 

Wholesale Distribution

  • National Domestic Master Distributors
  • Regional Distributors
  • Car Care Trade Supply Dealers
  • Auto Dealership Supply
  • Manufacturing and Maintenance Supply
  • Local Retailers
  • Buying Groups


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