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  • consumable disposable
  • recurring sales
  • non- seasonal
  • non-perishable
  • wide market appeal

Distributors make up the key structure of the distribution network, letting resellers who are closer to buyers manage the final transaction. Tiered pricing in each market helps ensure master distributors enjoy strong margins while providing enough margin to regional and local reseller. Let us work with you to identify your best market opportunity.

With a major global transition to online sales habits, B2C transactions are only practical within a domestic market since transportation, customs clearing, and duties increase costs and delivery times to the end buyer. Buyers expect prompt delivery and customer service in their language, according to domestic customary practices, in their times zone. These factors reinforce the need for manufacturers to work with the right partners to more effectively capture opportunities in various regions and channels.

Scraperite created the plastic scraper category in 2004 and has remained the global leader. It is also the only line of branded plastic scraping products on the market and reaches across multiple industries, market sectors, and distribution channels. Branded products ensure the same product will be delivered on each order, without leaving to question performance qualities.

Scraperite represents an advanced concept workflow solution tool to meet common scraping use cases required on modern materials of the times. Engineered material scraping tools expand use applications far beyond metal scrapers and scrubbing pads, often replacing them, and therefore accelerating market expansion and sales.

Distributor opportunities exist in in all types of channels from specialty trade supply, vending machines, online, and mass retail in sectors like automotive, aerospace, marine, manufacturing, MRO, school and office supply, and many more. Product consumption and disposal generates ongoing connection with customers and non-seasonal sales across multiple channels, achieving single digit customer acquisition cost over the lifetime relationship. These opportunities extend to master distributor status at a country level down through smaller resellers covering regions at a more grass roots level. Retail buyers are encouraged to use the Dealer Locator page to find a local supplier or retailer for best customer service, while corporate social media marketing pushes additional traffic through the network.

  • consistent quality
  • predictable performance
  • breadth of product range
  • ongoing innovation

A partnership with Scraperite assures distributors long term outlook with new product development, competitive pricing, fair margins, protected markets, consistency of service, and direct access to the management team.

Currently offering direct delivery from warehouses in USA, Europe, and Asia. We hope to serve you well.

Contact us for details or request a login to our reseller portal. You can also connect with us directly on social media on extended hours.

See the Automotive distributor page for additional details for that market segment.

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