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What's your Market?

Distributors define their regions and build networks of more regional resellers who are closer to buyers who manage the final transaction, to create a better buying experience for the consumer. Let us work with you to identify your market by geography and industry sector.

Online Direct to Consumer or D2C/B2C transactions are practical within a domestic market since transportation, customs clearing, and duties increase costs and delivery times to the end buyer. Consumers expect prompt delivery and customer service in their language, according to domestic customary practices, and in their times zone. Scraperite's decentralized inventory strategy spreads costs and revenue across the network rather than piling up product in one central warehouse, and ensures product should always be available for buyers somewhere in the sales region. Possibly even available for pickup or same day delivery. Changing consumer dynamics have prompted the creation of the Scraperite Official Reseller online network to provide easy low friction purchasing by consumers. This platform also keeps copycats in their place, trying to imitate the latest design features and making it impossible to support specialty programs only available within the network. 

  • Blade Recycling Program - blades are brought or sent back to the reseller for recycling
  • 100% Warranty on Holders - no questions asked replacement on any of the Tradesman Pro Holder series only sold through Scraperite Official Resellers

We also well aware of our social and ecological responsibility to keep Scraperite plastics from polluting our planet more than it already suffers. We hope Scraperite holders will stay in the toolbox as keepers and rather than be thrown away, and if broken for any reason, we'd rather replace the holder by having it brought or sent back for proper recycling. It's probably far better for us to cover costs of getting blades to right recycling partner, rather than rely on proper disposal at sorting centers.

Distributor Territory

  • Defined and protected geography and industry sector
  • Scraperite corporate direct investment marketing support in the territory
  • Turnkey online ecommerce system directs sales directly to territory resellers
  • Participation in special programs like blade recycling and 100% replacement warranty on broken holders

Industry Sectors

  • Auto Care and Maintenance
  • Industrial/MRO - incl. aerospace, safety tools
  • Janitorial/Sanitary - incl. hospitality
  • Marine - incl. chandlery and trade supply
  • General Merchandise Retail
  • Professional Trade Supply

Branded Products

  • consistent quality
  • predictable performance
  • breadth of product range
  • ongoing innovation

Expandable Industry Sector Segments

  • General Merchandise Retail as individual sectors depending on size of geography
    • Big Box Retail
    • Convenience Retail
    • Cooperatives
    • D2C online
    • Grocery
    • Hardware
  • Professional Trades as individual sectors
    • Glass and glazing - incl. repair and polishing
    • Flooring - incl. tile, vinyl, wood
    • Sign making - incl. glass coating and tinting, car wraps
    • Window cleaning
    • Woodworking - incl. furniture

A partnership with Scraperite assures distributors long term outlook with new product development, competitive pricing, fair margins, protected markets, consistency of service, and direct access to the management team.

Scraperite Official Reseller Badge

Everyone Benefits


  • My language
  • My country
  • My money
  • Closer
  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Always available somewhere – never really “Out-of-Stock”
  • Support a local trusted business
  • finds a regional reseller at the Scraperite Official Reseller portal


  • Gets free leads and business generated by Scraperite marketing
  • Has an ecommerce store at Scraperite Official Reseller potal
  • Has a current online store
  • Receives and processes direct customer orders
  • Displays Scraperite Official Reseller Badge on website
  • Uses standard descriptions and brand representation
  • Holds product mix to fit Dealer’s Industry Sector target
  • Buys from industry distributor in territory or direct
  • Buys in case level MOQ using
  • Does not sell directly competing products
  • Has generally self defined territory
  • Participates in Scraperite Blade Recycling program
  • Participates in Pro series 100% replacement warranty holder program


  • All Dealer parameters as relevant, and
  • Has specifically protected territory defined by industry and geography
  • Supplies Dealers in the territory
  • Orders pallets
  • Gets preferred pricing
  • Develops territory Dealer network
  • Gains richer brand and distribution presence
  • Reaches new markets with lower marketing costs
  • Decentralizes inventory for lower carrying costs
  • Gets sales and lead generation by network effect
  • Is first to market with new product releases
  • Gets market business intelligence
  • Has growth expectations correlated with territory reach
  • Customers in territory can always get the right product – never Out of Stock

Sales Representation

  • Sets up Dealers and Distributors
  • Develops retail and other channels
  • Earns commission on every sale

Brand Representative

  • Ecommerce store
  • QR marketing strategy
  • Product for resale at events
  • Tailored programs

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