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GPO/ Orange/ General Purpose plastic razor blade

This particular plastic blade type is the softest material we offer and is a perfect tool for use on delicate surfaces.
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ACY/ Yellow/ Acrylic plastic razor blade

This plastic razor blade stays rigid and has almost no notable pliability. It is perfect for your hard flat surfaces where scratches are near impossible.
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PCB/ Blue/ Polycarbonate plastic razor blade

This particular blade is of a medium tensile strength. It is stiffer than our GPO blade but still maintains some pliability. It is perfect for those surfaces that can handle more friction and pressure.
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BI/ Black/ Industrial Plastic Blade

This new tougher material is more resistant to breakage and wear. Designed for use in industrial and trade applications where repeated heavy use is common.

Unlike metal blades, Scraperite plastic blades...

come in a variety of tensile strengths
will not scratch the underlying surface
do not rust or pit over time
will not cut like metal blades will