SCRAPERITE  is a plastic safety scraper designed for use where a metal scraper would damage the underlying surface and cleans without collecting germs. Most situations do not require a metal blade or scraper, while scrubbing pads tend to shift dirt around. Scraperite realizes targeted scraping by lifting dirt up and away from the surface without collecting dirt, unlike scouring pads and rags that impact the area around the substance being removed and never seem to get clean again.

Scraperite assortment of blades ensure the right tool for the job when considering substance being cleaned, the surface, and solvent used.


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CGPO Blade

GPO/General Purpose Orange

This particular plastic blade type is the softest material we offer and is a perfect tool for use on delicate surfaces.

MBL/ Medium Blue

Medium tensile strength. Stiffer than the GPO blade but still maintains some pliability. It is perfect for those surfaces that can handle more friction and pressure.

HYL/ Hard Yellow

Stays rigid and has almost no notable pliability. Perfect for hard flat surfaces where scratches are near impossible.

BIN/Black Industrial

Tougher material is more resistant to breakage and wear. Designed for use where additional toughness is needed.

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