Scraperite covers more use cases than metal blades and does is safer with less risk of injury or property damage. Has expanded uses on plastics, wood, and other composite materials where metal would be inappropriate.

Scraperite delivers targeted scraping, unlike scrubbing pads that tend to damage or wear down the surrounding area while trying to remove a thicker substance. Plastic razor blades are also cleaner than rags and sponges since the scraping action naturally lifts dirt up and away from the surface to be easiliy wiped clean with a disposable towel. Dirt and germs get thrown away, not  caught in the fibers of washable towels or scouring pads.

Scraperite is also the only branded plastic scraper on the market with a business focus on creating quality purpose built product with consistent predictable performance.

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To replace every unnecessary metal razor blade in homes and workplaces with Scraperite plastic scrapers - those old metal blades, forgotten and rusting in a dark space waiting for someone to reach in and shuffle their hand about.



Scraperite was developed in search of a better cleaning solution for the window tinting industry where glass must be scraped clean before film application. Water and metal blades don't mix and blades rusted before a full pack could be used. Never mind injuries and property damage. Scraperite plastic razor blades evolved into a full product line, serving use cases far beyond metal blades, ideal for use on modern materials that surround every day living.

Founded in 2004

Patents issued and company founded in 2004. Production and packaging begins in Florida with product placement with local retailers. Websites are launched with plasticblades ecommerce site activated.
March 2004

Gripper holders launched

First set of 5 packs hit retail stores with the new Lil' Gripper holder with the Big Gripper following closely behind in a two blade pack.

European Distribution Launched

Distribution is launched in Netherlands bringing Scraperite products closer to our European buyers. Adapting to new business cultures, customs, and languages to provide better service and quicker delivery.

Global Distribution Expansion

Scraperite works to build brand and product awareness into new markets, from Australia and Southeast Asia onward throughout Europe.
2009 - 2019

Scraperite Rebranding

New patents issued. New holders, new blades, new packaging, new sustainability programs developed with professional designers and engineers, based on customer input. Manufacturing moved to Thailand from China achieving better quality and avoiding Covid factory lockdowns and logistics problem in China

Scraperite Official Resellers

Scraperite official reseller online sales system launched to help bring our products closer to buyers on #buylocal theme. Blue Oceans for our partners and discontinuous innovation in process to give buyers a better experience.

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