SCRAPERITE is a plastic razor blade safety scraper designed for targeted scraping where a metal scraper or scrubbing pad would damage the underlying surface. Anywhere you might be tempted to use your fingernail but would prefer not to.

Road grime, dead bugs on the windshield, crusted food in the fridge or soap scum on tile, no need to touch any of it! Just use Scraperite plastic blades to lift dirt up and away. No messy rags or towels.

Scraperite is ideal for use on sensitive electronics, advanced composite materials, oil and gas, and in other professional sectors where non sparking, non metallic scrapers are mandated.

In general, most situations do not require a metal blade or scraper in the first place. Wood furniture and flooring, aluminum window frames, glass, auto paint, gelcoat and fiberglass, stainless steel, and chrome are all surfaces that could be scratched and damaged when using metal scrapers or scrubbing pads. Unlike scrubbing pads and rags, Scraperite blades lift unwanted substances up and away from the surface being cleaned. The blade can be easily wiped after each stroke with a disposable towel and reused until the edge wears or gets damaged before being flipped or replaced. Germs and dirt get thrown away with the blade and towel not caught between the fibers of a scouring pad.

Scraperite is also the only branded plastic scraper on the market with a business focus on creating quality purpose built product with consistent predictable performance.

Rectangle and hard gripper on soap scum    Book stiker removal with Scraperite gpo blades  Corner reach with curved gpo gblades


SCRAPERITE was born in South Florida USA in late 2003 and products launched in early 2004 after patents were issued. Plastic razor blades were an afterthought solution to an unexpected situation created when the auto industry introduced interior surface plastic coated windshields used to reduce glare. One or two, largely useless versions, were made available in the automotive sector as the industry struggled to patch a growing warranty problem of scratched coatings damaged during regular cleaning as people scrubbed with rags and towels. 

The development of Scraperite came along during the late 1990's as the founder sought a safer cleaning tool for use in the glass coating and tinting industry where accidentally scratching glass, cutting a sofa, or personal injury proved quite costly. The first iteration was a single edged version to test concept and provide an immediate solution for that service business where scraping the surface of glass with a metal scraper was common practice. Reality is, most situations do not require a metal scraper. A double edged version was developed and patented a few years later as people from all types of industries began asking for the product.

Current product lineup demonstrates the summation of improvements gathered from customer feedback and extensive experience in development of the brand, with many years of focused experience.

We hope our products serve you well. 


To develop and distribute professional grade safety scraping tools to serve most any situation. 


Scraperite created the category in 2004 with patented and patent pending products making up a growing lineup of engineered scrapers. These are made using a variety of material compositions to offer a targeted scraping solution for most any situation by allowing the user to match the right blade to remove a substance from a delicate surface while resisting to chemical solvents being used.

Variety of material compositions for pan cleaning    Scraperite Biggrippers use on glass


Scraperite plastic blades for aerospace and commercial aviation Scraperite plastic safety scrapers for aerospace and commercial aviation

Scraperite plastic blades for gelcoat maintenance and stainless steel Scraperite safety scrapers for gelcoat maintenance and stainless steel

Scraperite plastic blades for auto care and engine maintenance Scraperite plastic safety scrapers for auto care and engine maintenance

Scraperite plastic blades for MRO and Production lines for Safety in the workplace Scraperite plastic safety scrapers for MRO and Production lines for Safety in the workplace

Scraperite plastic blades for home use one stovetops, countertops, and wood and laminate furniture Scraperite plastic safety scrapers for home use one stovetops, countertops, and wood and laminate furniture

Scraperite plastic blades for workplace on office equipment, monitors, and desktops Scraperite plastic safety scrapers for workplace on office equipment, monitors, and desktops

Scraperite plastic blades for home use one stovetops, countertops, and wood and laminate furniture
Antique Restoration
Building Materials
Car Wash Vending
Detailing - Auto, Aircraft, Yacht
Furniture Restoration
General Merchandise Retail
Glass and Coating
High Technology
Office Supply
Oil, Gas and Mining
Paint and Body
Pool and Spa
Restaurant and Hospitality
School and Art Supply
Sign making
Tool Rental
Truck/Bus Maintenance
Yacht Chandlery


Users should always consider some basic details when selecting a safety product for commercial use for production applications and use in professional trades. Branded products ensure the same product will be delivered each order, without leaving to question performance qualities.

A BRANDED PRODUCT EQUALS PREDICTABLE PERFORMANCE and that you'll get the right stuff every time.

One important consideration with plastic scraper blades is material composition. While it's not the only baseline, it should be reviewed carefully before selecting a supplier. Scraperite ensures consistent product quality and purity of material to reduce risk of damaging the underlying surface while maintaining longest edge lifespan and resistance to breakage. Four different recyclable materials provide a scraping solution for just about every surface-substance-solvent combination imaginable. If we don't have it, let us work with your team to develop it. A tremendous amount of research and development goes in to every product from material composition to design and function. All to create the most effective professional safety scraping tool on the market, developed from our years of experience and customer feedback. Month of detailed thinking goes into each detail of a product from idea through to final packaging design.

Scraperite holder comparison Plastic safety scrapers blister prototyping Scraperite prototyping wide
Testing new materials New packaging concepts Developing ideas

*Some low level static electricity can build up in certain situations, it is recommended to use proper precautions and perform independent testing before handling, and using the blades on sensitive electronics like avionics or circuit boards. They are generally accepted for use in the oil and gas industry, all while maintaining industry and jobsite safety guidelines. Galvanic corrosion is also of low concern if blades are replaced before each use on dissimilar metals or surfaces.


At Scraperite, we try our best to meet our social and ecological responsibility to keep plastics from polluting our planet more than it already suffers. Plastics have become part of our lives and serve a definite purpose and solution for products and resulting services. It is everyone's responsibility to start by thinking about their first action when disposing of any plastic, and when purchasing disposable products like Scraperite safety scrapers.

  • All Scraperite plastic safety scraper blades contain around 20% recycled industrial plastic regrind

  • We hope Scraperite holders will be purchased once and stay in the toolbox as keepers and rather than be thrown away. They are number 5 and more fit into general recycling.

  • Don't rely on the recycling center to pick the right bin for you. Put used blades back into the original pack or keep them in a separate container and bring them back to a Scraperite Official Reseller. It's probably far better for us to cover costs of getting blades to right recycling partner, rather than rely on proper disposal at sorting centers.

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