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Great Tips For Removing Chewing-Gum, Crayon and Stickers Around The Home

Kids, we love them dearly don't we? But they can be little monsters at time, especially when their idea of creativity can lead to lots of cleaning headaches! Ok, relax, help is at hand. With a bit of know-how and a little elbow grease, mopping up their little masterpieces will be as easy as 1-2-3. Do you want to know how? Of course you do, read on....

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A Look At Different Grades Of Plastic

Most plastic is recyclable but efforts to actually recycle it are not significant. All Scraperite products are 100% recyclable. Perhaps it's a lack of understanding among consumers that prevents them from giving useless plastic objects for recycling or maybe government agencies are unaware of how recycled plastic can be the basis for many useful an...

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How to Properly Scrape Windows During The Cleaning Process

Removing ordinary dirt such as dust, fingerprints, and oil from windows seem simple enough. However, sometimes, you may find stubborn caked-on dirt or debris on your windows that cannot be removed by standard window cleaning techniques such as scrubbing or using a squeegee. The best way to remove caked-on dirt on your windows is to scrape it off. N...

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Black Industrial Plastic Blades Press Release

Introducing 2016 Industrial Strength Plastic Razor Blade   The makers of Scraperite plastic razor blades announce their brand new industrial strength ...

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