• Blade Recycling - blades are brought or sent back to the reseller and we handle the rest
  • 100% Warranty on Holders - no questions asked replacement on any of the Tradesman Pro Holder series

We're also well aware of our social and ecological responsibility to keep Scraperite plastics from polluting our planet more than it already suffers. We hope Scraperite holders will stay in the toolbox as keepers and rather than be thrown away, and if broken for any reason, we'd rather replace the holder by having it brought or sent back for proper recycling. It's probably far better for us to cover costs of getting blades to right recycling partner, rather than rely on proper disposal at sorting centers.

So, every one of our Official Resellers is also a blade recycling center, while the holder replacement locations are also indicated. You may also call us to find a regional solution. See the reseller system here