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Secrets for Creating Long Term Shareholder Value


Creating shareholder and stakeholder value is probably the primary reasons for most companies to exist. Without growing value for these two, there is eventually no company and no job. As the company grows so should shareholder value, just like investing in a share of stock. This can also go the other direction if company the executive team and mana...

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Scraperite introduces sustainable packaging for plastic razor blades

Ormond Beach, Florida USA, March 28, 2022. Scraperite rethinks its packaging to incorporate simple material changes and assembly design to reduce its ecological footprint.The innovative plastic razor blade safety scraper company now uses a trapped blister assembly structure to keep each part separate, making the packaging fully recyclable. Sandwich...

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Scraperite increases access to key customers and suppliers

An innovative approach to smarter distribution by connecting buyers with resellers ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 21, 2022 / -- Scraperite brings together resellers with key consumers to create low friction access to their products in all parts of the world. Using internet networking in an innovative way, th...

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Founder Message

  One important consideration with plastic scraper blades is material composition. While it's not the only baseline, it should be reviewed carefully b...

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Top Secret Car Detailing Hack

It's pretty obvious that getting your car washed can get expensive, especially when you do it professionally at an auto detailing company. But you'll keep throwing your money at them since they do it 10x better and faster than you. What if we told you cleaning your own car could be done just as fast as your local detailer? As well as your local det...

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