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Top Secret Car Detailing Hack

It's pretty obvious that getting your car washed can get expensive, especially when you do it professionally at an auto detailing company. But you'll keep throwing your money at them since they do it 10x better and faster than you. What if we told you cleaning your own car could be done just as fast as your local detailer? As well as your local detailer?

The secret is Scraperite plastic razor blades - some of the BEST professional auto detailing products that will help in your car cleaning projects. All you have to do is keep one in your glove box at all times! You have car chapstick, so how hard can that be? 

You don't live in your car, but life happens in your car. Time and time again your left with scraps within your car's interior after stopping for fast food. A trip to the park spent with your furry friend leaves dried slobber and caked on mud. And no matter how hard you try, going on the road with your kids for any length of time always ends with something sticky. Having Scraperite in your glove box allows for quick tackling of these messes when life happens. Don't get your hands dirty and let Scraperite do to job with no risk to your car's delicate interior. 

Splattered bugs, tree sap, and bird droppings create the fastest damage to YOUR car's paint. It's critical to remove the acids quickly or they will etch into the paintwork resulting in permanent damage. The key is to scrape them off IMMEDIATELY with Scraperite plastic safety scrapers. You'll watch them safely lift the undesired substance up and away from the surface. After their removal, cleaning your car is a breeze!

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