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Scraperite introduces sustainable packaging for plastic razor blades

Ormond Beach, Florida USA, March 28, 2022. Scraperite rethinks its packaging to incorporate simple material changes and assembly design to reduce its ecological footprint.The innovative plastic razor blade safety scraper company now uses a trapped blister assembly structure to keep each part separate, making the packaging fully recyclable.

Sandwiching the blister between two paper cards without gluing the plastic itself assures the plastic separates cleanly from the card material. This means no adhesive or paper residue remains on the blister which can be easily recycled. The company uses only PET materials for all its blisters and clamshell. PET, recycling symbol 1, is like a water bottle and easily recycled through conventional community recycling programs.

These basic features exceed the guidelines of several Articles in the European Directive (EU) 2018/852 94/62/EC on consumer packaged goods waste management, as amended in May 2018. One key element is ensuring 100% recyclability for each portion of packaging for plastic razor blades and safety scrapers. Each country is responsible for accomplishing certain recycling metrics on a defined timeline. Already, many European communities and offer up to 5 separation bins to include paper, metal, glass, PET, and general waste. Some take it one step further to include organic waste which is converted to animal feed or fertilizers.

The company hopes to show leadership in closing the plastic production and consumption loop to reduce its environmental impact. Discover more examples of sustainable plastics economy by downloading the Scraperite 2022 catalog at

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