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Don't Recycle It!

Don't Recycle It!

Plastics come and go in your average household on a daily basis. When we are done using them, we either throw them in the recycling bin, or the trash. We feel good about putting our recycling bins out for collection on recycling day, because we know we have done our part to save the earth.

However, not all of the plastics in that recycling bin are actually repurposed. Companies that manufacture the single-use plastics that make up the majority of your bin don't actually care if the plastic will be recycled or not. They just throw a recycling symbol on it since, well, it IS plastic. But, they don't take into account the fact that just because something is plastic, doesn't mean that it will get recycled globally. 

Let's break it down. What runs the world? Money. If there is no value to come out of repurposing a certain kind of plastic in a specific area, then that area simply won't recycle it. There are 7 types of plastics, and there is a guarantee that your local recycling center doesn't recycle them all. Even the Vice President of Recycling at Waste Management, Brent Bell, is quoted in The New York Times saying "We always encourage people to focus on Nos. 1, 2 and 5 because we have great markets for them in the U.S." So what about Nos. 3, 4, 6 and 7?

The easy thing to do is to place blame on the recycling centers. That's what they do, right? Recycle? So, why don't they recycle everything? Well, let's take it a step further, and blame the manufacturers, the ones who continue to place these plastics on the shelves of local stores. They should take responsibility for their effect on the earth, just as their consumers do. This might mean banning single use plastics. Maybe only using plastics like Nos. 1, 2 and 5 for packaging. Or they could even develop a system in which when these "unrecyclable" plastics are necessary, that the consumer brings them back to the company, where THEY can reuse it.

The latter is exactly what Scraperite is doing in 2022. With the introduction of new packaging like the 30 pack replacement blades, consumers have the opportunity to take the recycling center out of the equation. The packaging boasts a recapture feature, in which used up blades can be disposed of in the same package that they came in. This will result in the entire plastic package, used blades included, being brought back to the seller, who can then rely on Scraperite to recycle the plastics internally.

Consumers of Scraperite products can successfully recycle these purchased products, packaging included. Both consumer and manufacturer are doing their part to save the earth. When it comes to Scraperite, don't recycle it! Recapture it and bring it back. Leave the recycling to them.

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