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Stop Using Your Fingernails!

Stop Using Your Fingernails!

Fingernails aren't tools – so why use them as such? It's second nature. The immediate reaction to removing sticker residue or paint splats is to take a crack at it using your fingernail. Anytime you try something else, like a metal scraper, you regret it because you either cut yourself, or damaged the surface. Fingernails are 100% the right way to go about tackling these situations! 


This method will take up way too much time, not to mention now your hands and nails are all disgusting. Instead, there's a far better tool made for these types of jobs!

So, why use plastic blades? Well, don't use your fingernail and don't you dare use metal. That's for sure! 99% of the time you don't need it! Metal presents lots of problems, since it welcomes scratches to the underlying surface and cuts to your hands. Metal is durable, unforgiving, and unyielding. It's simply unnecessary due to its tendency to cause more harm than good. In some cases, scratches caused to an underlying surface can cost thousands, not even to mention the time it will take for repair. In our day-to-day lives, this might look like ugly scratches to your windshield after trying to remove bird poop. Desperately chipping away at dried candle wax, stuck to your favorite artisan wood furniture. Various situations might call for the removal of unwanted residue from your favorite leather armchair, top-dollar appliances or luxury vinyl floors. All of these surfaces might be deemed ruined after one pass-over with a metal scraper. Why would anyone want to keep reaching for one? Especially when there's a tool made for this!  

A perfect balance of flexibility and durability, plastic razor blades developed by Scraperite allow for targeted scraping that is adjustable to various situations. Similar to your fingernail and made from different strengths of plastic, the blades can be used without second thought to accidental self-harm or property damage. No matter the use and desired outcome, users will experience risk-free removal of unwanted substances from delicate surfaces. There's no need to be afraid of cutting yourself or marring a beautiful paint finish trying to remove dried tree sap from the roof on your car. Plastic blades just make more sense. Next time, think twice before using your fingernail!  

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