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Scraperite increases access to key customers and suppliers

Scraperite plastic razor blades
An innovative approach to smarter distribution by connecting buyers with resellers

ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 21, 2022 / -- Scraperite brings together resellers with key consumers to create low friction access to their products in all parts of the world. Using internet networking in an innovative way, the company drives business for its reseller by advertising directly to consumers. Raising general awareness about the plastic razor blade brand and supporting its dealers.

Most brand owners do general marketing without directly supporting their dealers, leaving buyers to find their own way to purchase their products. Scraperite reduces transactional friction by creating a direct sales link between buyers and sellers. Buyers are directed to a central sales portal where they can quickly find the desired product and purchase from any one of their many dealers located around the world.

The online portal gives buyers direct access to verified suppliers in their region. Purchases are made in local currency and promptly shipped from a local dealer, yielding convenience of faster delivery times and direct customer service. Resellers gain new customer. Customers get access to more variety and support local businesses. See it in action at

To stay updated about Scraperite and its programs, contact Chris Branden at +1 386 673 6771 xt.123 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See the 2022 catalog at for offline data.

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