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How to Properly Care for Your Vehicle Graphic

Vinyl wraps are delicate; they do not require much care, but just paying a little attention toward regular maintenance can double the life of the wrap. "Regular maintenance" may be determined differently depending on your location. The vehicle graphics that are found to be located in polluted areas such as growing industries or low lying areas are recommended to be more frequently rinsed with a mild car detergent and clean water mixture.

There are various do's and don'ts that help maintain the quality as well as the life of a graphic vinyl film.

What you SHOULD do -

- When you are about to apply any detergent or cleaning solution to the vinyl film, it's better to test it on a small section first to make sure it is safe for your wrap.

- It is highly recommended to read the instructions carefully before applying the cleaning solution.

- After applying the soapy water blend to the vinyl film, make sure to wash it with clean water only.

- You should let the vehicle air dry, or use a micro-fibre cloth to give it a buff-dry.

- Wash your vehicle at a regular intervals to remove debris from its surface which can cause wear and tear of the vinyl graphics.

What you SHOULD NOT do - 

- Be careful to avoid spills when adding fuel to your vehicle. Fuel may damage the vinyl film, so it should not be allowed to be in direct contact with the graphic for an extended period of time. The spills should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Carnauba based wax should be avoided over vinyl graphics.

- Mechanical brush washing should also be avoided.

- Matte and carbon fibre finished vinyl graphics should not come in contact with any type of wax.

- Pressure washers or automated car washers should not be used for cleaning graphic wrapped vehicles as this can cause the film to get damaged at the edges and it can lead to peeling. It can also degrade the film and the graphics can start fading or lose its luster and form cracks.

- Heating or defrosting elements should not be used.

For deterioration of the vinyl film and for proper graphic care, these practices should be followed on regular basis. Without regular maintenance you may risk erosion, cracking, peeling around or fading of the graphics. 

Also, you need to be thoughtful when choosing the businesses to be considered right for car wrapping, as they should operate in a unique climate and pay special care to the application of the vinyl films.

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