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How to Properly Scrape Windows During The Cleaning Process

Removing ordinary dirt such as dust, fingerprints, and oil from windows seem simple enough. However, sometimes, you may find stubborn caked-on dirt or debris on your windows that cannot be removed by standard window cleaning techniques such as scrubbing or using a squeegee. The best way to remove caked-on dirt on your windows is to scrape it off. Nonetheless, you have to be extra careful when you are scraping your windows, because they can be easily scratched and damaged. Here are a number of rules that you need to follow when you are scraping windows.

Rule No. 1: It is recommended that you use a professional window scraper to remove caked-on dirt and debris from your windows. This type of scraper is specially made for use on glass, and it comes with certain features that can prevent scratching and other kinds of damage.

Rule No. 2: It is important to inspect your window scraper before using it. Take a look at the blade of the scraper and make sure that it is not rusted. Also, it must not be bent or chipped off at the corners. If you are not certain whether the blade is in a good enough condition, you should just play it safe by using a new blade.

Rule No. 3: When you are working with a window scraper, always use forward plow-like scraping motions. Scrape forward and lift the scraper off the glass, and then scrape forward again. Try not to slide the scraper backwards, because you may trap debris under the blade when you do so. Consequently, the scraper may scratch the glass.

Rule No. 4: Be extra cautious when you are using a window scraper on tempered glass. Tempered glass may have raised imperfections, which make it more vulnerable to scratches. To find out if the window that you are scraping is made of tempered glass, you have to look for a label in one of its corners.

Window Scraping Procedures

Before you start scraping, you have to wet your window with soapy water first. Then, find out how the window scraper works by testing it in a corner. Scrape on the same spot three or four times in forward motion. If you find that the scraper is moving smoothly and not scratching the glass, you can continue to work on the rest of the window. On the other hand, if you feel as if the scraper is sliding on sandpaper, you have to stop scraping. This indicates that the glass may be flawed and have raised imperfections, and scraping will result in scratches.

After you have ascertained that it is safe to scrape your window, start working along the edges. It is best that you start scraping from the middle of an edge, moving towards the corners. Work in a one or two inch pattern, until all the edges of the glass are properly scraped. After that, scrape the rest of the window in a straight pattern of four or five inches, working from top to bottom. If you find that the window is beginning to dry while you are working, wet it with soapy water again.

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