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When a Fingernail Won't Work, Try a Plastic Razor Blade

Useful thin plastic blades can clean smooth surfaces of paint and glue, decals and stickers without damaging surfaces beneath the coating, as well as make sharp crease lines in paper without cutting through the paper. The plastic blades can be used to spread glue and the short handle makes it easy to work in limited spaces. Very good for cleanup and removing paint splatters or over spray on smooth surfaces. A safer, smaller version of the putty knife on delicate surfaces.


  • Blades available in different flexibilities for work on different surfaces
  • Blades will fit paint scrapers that hold standard razor blades
  • Small plastic razor blade holders are a great size for work in confined spaces
  • Easily scrape paint and glue off smooth surfaces, and some slightly more irregular surfaces
  • Blades last a surprisingly long time


  • Not available everywhere
  • Work best on thin materials, a kitchen grill scraper is still best for resin spills.


 Small double edged thin plastic blades great for scraping a variety of surfaces, resistant to many solvents. 

Good way to remove labels, decals, masking tape and sticker glue, without damaging painted surface underneath. 

Small handle designed for blades has a good grip and is easily maneuverable in small spaces. 

Can be used to scrape dried glue and paint from smooth work surfaces or flexible cutting mats without cutting the mat. 

Guide Review - When a Fingernail Won't Work, Try a Plastic Razor 

BladePlastic razor blades are useful for peeling off thin sections of masking tape, stickers and paint over spray from smooth surfaces. They are also extremely useful for cleaning up your workbench, and for removing paint and clays from glass surfaces. I always have a general purpose miniature scraper and blade from ScrapRite sitting on my workbench. If I am working with acrylic paint, pva glue or numerous other materials, it can be easier to let the adhesive or paint dry on my laminate or flexible cutting board work surface, then use the scraper to peel off the dried material.

The blades can be used to safely remove price stickers from miniatures, without damaging a polished surface (like clear acrylic or plastic) and the small scraper handles allow you to use the blade inside a roombox or dollhouse room to gently press wallpaper into place, especially in corners. They can be used as large glue applicators as they will pull a thin layer of glue across the back of a sheet of paper without damaging or cutting it.

The blades and holders are also useful for installing thin lines of stickers on windows as miniature 'lead lines'. You can press down on the sticker with the blade, with little danger of damaging the sticker. If it gets out of line, the plastic blade can be used to nudge stickers back into place without damaging the acrylic or painted surface underneath.

If you need thin lines or designs made from paint, you can paint your design on glass, then use the plastic razor blade to remove it without damaging it for use as a sticker or design. This can be a good way to make your own custom lead lines for miniatures. 

Price and Availability - The blades and holders are found in hardware and paint stores, or online. A five pack of blades and a holder are under $5. The blades can be used in standard razor blade holders if you prefer, and are available as blades only, in three materials. Hard yellow blades used for smooth surfaces, resistant to many solvents. Orange blades - strong yet flexible, general all purpose blade, good on delicate and soft surfaces. Blue blades - most flexible of the three types, molds well to irregular surfaces, resistant to many solvents.

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